Version 1.0

The iTavli tournament does not really have a version system. We do not release any application, but since the tournament is based on the iTavli app, we decided to create a pseudo versioning system so that we can keep track of the changes. iTavli version 5.0 was released on November 11th, and somewhere there we had the first version of the tournament, version 1.0

Version 1.0 had the following features:

  • Register / Login
  • Create a Tournament
    • Select the Starting date
    • Select the game
    • Select the number of players
  • Join a Tournament

In a nutshell, version 1.0 has all the features that we need to create/join/play in a tournament.

The versioning system of the iTavli tournament will follow the one of the iTavli application. Thus, whenever a new version of the iTavli application with features that affect the tournament is released, the tournament version will also change to reflect this.