Organize a Tournament

The good thing is that you do not have to do anything about this. As soon as you Create a Tournament, we take care of everything.

On the Starting date of the tournament, we will determine how many groups will be created, and how many players each group will have. Based on your selection in the “Time to Play Games” field, we will determine the end date of the first round.

At the end date of each round we check which players qualify to the next round. A player qualifies to the next round only when (s)he has played against all other players in the group that (s)he is in. Thus, if there are 10 players in a group, then each player has to play at least 9 games (one game with a different player). (S)he is allowed to play more than one game with a player, but only the first game will count in his/her score.

Note, that in the iTavli application you see all players that have joined the tournament. You are free to play against anyone, but only those who are in the same group with you will affect your score. Those players have a trophy icon next to their names. The trophy icon will appear in all players that are in your group, regardless if you have already played against him/her before.

In the next round will move at most half the number of players that were in the previous round. We wrote at most because we do not know if all players will qualify to the next round. The selection of the players is based on the score. In addition to the score, we also count the pips of the opponent in each game. Thus, if there is a tie in the score, we pick the player with the most pips.

We repeat the above process for each round. The tournament is over when there is only one player that could move to the next round.