Login to an Account – View an Account

Firstly you need to Create an Account at our site. Then click on the ACCOUNT button, and then on the “Login” button. In the dialog, enter your email address and your password that you used when you created your account. Click on the “Login” button to validate them. If they are correct, you will see a welcome message, and after a while the page will reload.

If you have joined a tournament, you will see all the information that are available for that tournament:

  • Name of the tournament
  • The Starting date
  • Payment button: Only if you are the owner of the tournament, and only if you have not paid for the tournament
  • If the tournament is started you will see the active round and all previous rounds. For each round, we offer the following information:
    • Starting and Ending date
    • The Groups that this round has
    • The Players in each group

Enjoy the game