Join a Tournament

Before you can play in a Tournament you need to join it. But, there are two types of joining that you need to do. The first one takes place on this site, and the second one takes place on your mobile device (iOS or Android) or the web site. In the first case you inform the owner of Tournament (the person who created the tournament) that you want to participate in the tournament. Consider this as a registration. In the second case you inform the iTavli application on your device (mobile and web) about this tournament. You can not do the second step without first registering a tournament.


In order to Register a tournament you need a tournament code. If you are the owner of the tournament, we have send you an email with that code. You also need to create an account. If you already have an account, click on the button JOIN to visit the page for joining a tournament. If you are already logged in, in the page for joining a tournament you need to type only the tournament code, if, not, you also need to enter your email and password. You join a tournament by clicking on the “Join” button. If this is a valid code, you see a welcoming message.

Mobile Devices

In order to play in a tournament you need to download the latest version of the iTavli application (it is available for iOS and Android devices), and then you need to Join the tournament. On the mobile devices you join a tournament by entering your email and password only.

Firstly you tap on the “Join Tournament” button. This button is in the new menu, that is hidden. Tap on the right arrow to toggle it. In the dialog, enter your email and password and tap on the “Join” button. If your credentials are valid, you will see a message informing you about the tournament.

Note that the menu is now slightly changed as we see in the next screenshot.

The “Join Tournament” is replaced with a new button that displays a few information about the tournament:.

  • Top: Current Round (if the tournament is started), Starting and Ending date of that round
  • Bottom: The name of the tournament, and the name of the game

Since this is a button, you can click on it. You will see a message about the current round.

The buttons for Statistics and for Watching a Live Game are disabled. It is in our plans to re-enable them in the future.

At the bottom of the list, we see the “Exit Tournament” button. If you click on it, you will exit the tournament.

While you are in a tournament, you can play a game only against other online players of the same tournament. But, if you exit a tournament, you can play against all iTavli online players who are not in a tournament. If the tournament is not over, you can re-join it by following the above process.

WEB Version

The process here is similar to the mobile version. The only difference is that the button to join a tournament is in the top bar.

This will bring up the Tournament dialog:

In this screen, you need to enter the email and password that you used when you registered at the Tournament site. If your credentials are valid, you will see a welcome message informing you about the tournament. If you click again on the “Tournament” button, in the top bar, you will learn a few more information about the Tournament, e.g. the current round, starting and ending date, etc.

In contrast to the mobile version, in the WEB version you need to click on the button to Join a tournament every time you visit the iTavli site. Also, there is no “Exit Tournament” button. If you want to exit the tournament, you can simply click on the button to reload the page.

Enjoy the game