Create a Tournament

In order to create your a tournament you need first to either create an account or login to an account. Once you done this, click on the button CREATE to visit the page for creating a new tournament. This page has several fields that you need to fill out:


This is the name of the tournament. It will appear in your account (and in the players) screen. Also, it will appear in the mobile devices screen in various places. Make sure that it something useful

Short Description

This is field is optional, and you may use it to write a small description for the tournament. Currently, it is not used, but we may use it in the future. More likely, it will appear in the account screen.


Here you select which game the players will compete at. iTavli supports 15 different games to select from:

  • Backgammon
  • Modern Backgammon (Backgammon with the doubling cube)
  • Plakoto (or Blockgammon)
  • Plakoto Express
  • Fevga (or Narde)
  • Russina Narde
  • Khacapuri
  • Gul-bara
  • Acey-Deucey Amercan
  • Acey-Deucey European
  • Gioul
  • Moultezim
  • NackGammon
  • Tawla31
  • LongGammon

Number of Players

Enter how many players will participate in this tournament. You can exceed this number, but the tournament can start even when not all players have joined it

Start Date

Select the date that you want this tournament to start. The sooner it can start is two days after the current date, at midnight

Time to Play Games

Enter how many days the players of a group have to play against each other player in that group. Each tournament has rounds. In each round the players are grouped in different groups. The number that you selected here denotes how many day(s) the players in a group have to play against all other players in that group. For example:

You create a tournament with 100 players. In the first round, the system will create 10 groups and each group will have 10 players. If the Time to Play Games is set to 1, then each player will have to play 9 games in a single day. If you set it to 2, in two days, etc.

In other words, this value denotes how many day(s) a round would last. The default value is 1 day, and it can go up to 3 days. The starting date for the first round is the starting date of the tournament, and the ending date is in the value that you selected here day(s).

Relax Period

At the ending date of a round, the system will determine which players qualify to the next round. The starting date for this next round is the ending date of the previous date plus the relax period. Thus if the relax period is 0, the new round starts at the midnight of the same day (which is actually the next day), if it is set to 1, at the midnight of the next day, and so on so forth.

The default value is 0 day, and it can go up to 2 days.

Are you located in Greece

This is for Tax purposes. If you are located in Greece, there is an additional VAT that you need pay. Also, note, that the system is using the Greek timezone.

At the end of the page you see you final cost. You need to pay this cost before the starting date. The tournament will not start, unless you pay this amount.

Click on the “Create” button to create the tournament. We will send you an email with the code for the tournament. In order to Join a tournament you need to use that code.

Enjoy the game